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 1/5/09 - Report to the Region

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1/5/09 - Report to the Region Empty
PostSubject: 1/5/09 - Report to the Region   1/5/09 - Report to the Region EmptyMon Jan 04, 2010 11:19 pm

Welcome back from break, everyone. I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday season. Personally, I have a lot on my plate over the next coming months, but I still plan on staying dedicated and involved in our community. I encourage all of you to persist likewise.

I understand that our Chairman has been irregular in his activity, but nothing to worry. We shall continue as normal, and we can now consider election results to be official. With this in mind, I shall appoint my cabinet in the Secretariat.

The Department of Intelligence and Defense
For this department, I shall retain the services of Mongolia to oversee our military. I have every confidence that his leadership demonstrated in the past two months is exceptional and has provided us the security and safety required as a founderless region. Additionally, his leadership in the RFNEF and the FRA Rangers has contributed to countless defenses and liberations around the NS world.

I welcome Mongolia back to the Secretariat as the Secretary of Intelligence and Defense.

The Department of Internal Security
In accordance with my recent executive order establishing this department, I will be appointing Kknight to oversee our regional security and intelligence. I have faith that this appointment will boost the safety of our region and forums. Kknight will utilize our intelligence resources to spot and ferret out potential security threats. Additionally, I hope that the wit and cunning that Kknight posses will augment his ability to prosecute criminal cases on behalf of the People and the Goverment of the RFN.

I welcome Kknight to the Secreriat as Secretary of Internal Security.

The Department of the Treasury
Our economy requires a great deal of attention in order to reinvigorate its activity. I am confident that appointing Lucus Casius, who has consistently shown an interest in reforming our banking system, to overseeing the Treasury will benefit our economic system. I look forward to working with LC in the future to maintain and expand on what we have so far.

I welcome Lucus Casius to the Secretariat as Secretary of the Treasury.

The Department of Foreign Affairs
Our foreign affairs owes its existences and success to the dutiful activity of George Patton. Throughout that past three months, we have opened countless embassies and strengthened numerous relations across the NS world. Our renown and prominence depends on this, and that is why I am very glad to reappoint George to oversee this department.

I welcome George S. Patton Jr. back to the Secretariat as Secretary of Foreign Affairs.

Closing Remarks
I believe that this term will spell a great leap forward in progress for the RFN. This administration is a combination of impassioned and brilliant individuals that will contribute in driving this community toward success.

Yes, I have yet to make all my appointments, but I am waiting to hear from additional individuals before I make my final decision.

As always, stay involved, and I hope to see the RFN revive itself from our relaxing break over the holidays. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.


The Free Trade Republic of Danubium
Sec. General of the RFN

The Free Trade Republic of Danubium
1/5/09 - Report to the Region 260px-Star_of_David_svg
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1/5/09 - Report to the Region
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