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PostSubject: OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE   Wed Apr 07, 2010 3:49 pm

April 7, 2010 (RFN): DanuTrust Enterprises Inc., a newly created investment firm, today announced its intentions to reveal its investment services and expertise with the passage of the Stock Market Addendum in the Federation Council. This Act, which amends the previous Stock Market Act of 2010, allows private investors the opportunity to purchase shares in Regional Recruitment and Military stocks. Additionally, with recent initiatives by the current administration to reinvigorate our economy, it is anticipated that many more stock options will be available in the coming months.

Founded by Danubium, the current Secretary of the Interior, DanuTrust Enterprises will offer its clients unparalleled insight and management to navigate the RFN Board of Trade. Clients will be presented with the option to start a personalized portfolio to map out their financial goals with the strategic help of DanuTrust's knowledge of the market.

Beginning Thursday, April 8th, individuals will be able to invest in portfolio packages to provide them with the peace of mind to secure their financial endeavors. These financial investments will be combined within a equityl fund in which DanuTrust will be able to hold significant share percentages in the most successful business ventures on the Board of Trade.

These will become available in the DanuTrust corporate head quarters located within the Office Building on the Promenade. Please check regularly to take advantage of the opportunity to receive a consultation and ensure your financial stability in the RFN.

The Free Trade Republic of Danubium
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