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 Imperial Party Menifesto

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PostSubject: Imperial Party Menifesto   Imperial Party Menifesto EmptyTue Apr 20, 2010 7:48 pm

The Manifesto is divided into four sections, describing Imperial objectives in political, social, military and financial fields.

1 - Politically, the Manifesto calls for:

The increase relevance of the Chairman position in regards to the legislative process. To have a balance of power between the Secretary-General and the Chairman in reference to a unitary semi-presidential republic (see France for example).

2 - In labour and social policy, the Manifesto calls for:

A maintainment of a strong economic system that is flexable to the changing times.

3 - In military affairs, the Manifesto advocates:

The Re-booting and restructuring of our regional militia with specifically defensive responsibilities.

Revision of all contracts for military provisions.

The continuation of a peaceful but competitive foreign policy.

4 - In finance, the Manifesto advocates:

Install a strong progressive tax on capital (envisaging a “partial expropriation” of concentrated wealth).

The Manifesto thus combined elements of contemporary democratic and progressive thought (franchise reform, labour reform, increased nationalisation, taxes on wealth and war profits) with corporatist emphasis on class collaboration (the idea of social classes existing side by side and collaborating for the sake of national interests.

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Imperial Party Menifesto
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